On the request of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines – Albay Chapter, through its President, Mayor Wilfredo V. Maronilla, a presentation on the Guidelines on Site Selection Criteria and Suitability Procedures for Sanitary Landfill Sites (SLF) was made before mayors of Albay Province on 17 September 2020. Except for one or two mayors, almost all mayors were present during the occasion held at Venezia Hotel, Legazpi City. The presentation focused on the guidelines for SLF site pursuant to Resolution No. 64, Series of 2013 by the National Solid Waste Commission (NSWMC). The request was borne out of the greater challenges for LGUs in identifying sites for development as SLF facility as the NSWMC is rather stringent.

Pursuant to NSWMC Resolution No. 64, thirteen (13) parameters, categorized into exclusion and conditional screening criteria, have to be assessed. Exclusion criteria are absolute criteria that have to be fully and absolutely satisfied during the initial screening of an SLF site. The same resolution provides that “the establishment of any categorized sanitary landfill facility is strictly prohibited at a proposed site that fails at least one of the exclusion criteria”.

On the other hand, conditional screening criteria are remediable parameters used in the 2nd tier evaluation after the exclusion criteria have been evaluated and satisfied. These parameter may render a site suitable provided corresponding siting considerations are complied with.

These thirteen (13) parameters include; 1. Proximity to groundwater sources, 2. Proximity to Perennial Surface Water, 3. Local geological conditions, 4. Seismic condition, 5. Soil properties and availability of cover materials, 6. Topography, 7. Vulnerability to Flooding, 8. Proximity to residential areas and other sensitive land users, 9. Proximity to ecologically sensitive or environmentally critical areas, 10. Consistency with current or proposed land use, 11. Proximity to airports, 12. Landfill area and life span, and 13. Haul distance, accessibility and road conditions.