For thirteen working days, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. V (MGB R.O.-V) gladly opened itself as laboratory venue of choice for ten (10) Senior High School students from Legazpi City Science Highschool to undergo a Work Immersion as one of the course requirements for graduation.

In the K to 12 basic education curriculum, a Senior High School student has to undergo Work Immersion in an industry that directly relates to the student’s postsecondary goal. Through this, the students are exposed to become familiar with work-related environment of their field of specialization in order to enhance their competence and to prepare them to meet the needs and challenges of employment.

Initially, the students have undergone orientation on office mandate, programs, functions, policies, processes and procedures in preparation for their eventual assumption to simulated offices of the different divisions of MGB R.O.-V for thirteen working days as part of their work immersion program.

The program which lasted for 80 hours since February 1 – 13 is aimed to enhance the students to gain relevant and practical industrial skills under the guidance of industry experts and workers; to appreciate the importance and application of the principles and theories taught in school, to enhance their technical knowledge and skills, to enrich their skills in communications and human relations, and to develop good work habits, attitudes, appreciation, and respect for work.

A one-day Mine exposure to UBS Marketing Corporation in Lamba, Legzapi City was also conducted to give the students a broad exposure to the industry. The students were given an orientation on mining by Mr. J. Florentino Florez, the Project Manager of UBS Marketing Corporation and were also taught by MGB R.O.-V technical personnel on how to conduct a volume verification on stockpile before issuance of an Ore Transport Permit.

 The program paves the way for wider awareness among stakeholders on the role of the Agency in the Region.