(Source: Gintong Ilaw, Masbate Gold Project Newsletter 3rd quarter 2021 issue)

Filminera Resources Corporation (FRC) and Phil. Gold Processing & Refining Corp. (PGPRC) produced a new batch of 67 college graduates last June 2021. FRC and PGPRC already have more than 500 college graduates since 2009 from the Scholarship Program of SDMP.

In May 2020, two hundred-ninety (290) SDMP scholars graduated: 117 graduated from college, while 173 came from high school.

Currently, both companies have a total of 932 ongoing college scholars — 814 under SDMP’s Access to Education Program; while 47 under the SDMP’s Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences (DMTG); 29 from CDP and 42 scholars from the company employees’ dependents funded through CSR.

Since the start of the SDMP scholarship program in 2010, in total, Barangay Panique got the biggest number of scholars, accumulating 27% of all SDMP scholars.

Depending on the course and school location, the scholarship program also covers tuition fees, books and supplies, school uniform, transportation and board and lodging allowance.

The students must pass the selection process and qualification criteria.

The company and the host communities strongly believe that proper education for the young is key to the development of the community.

As staunch supporters of the local academe sector, FRC and PRGRC also provide school service vehicles, support various school functions, support to Day Care teachers and ALS instructors; as well as provide basic and high-end school equipment. 

The two companies also constructed and rehabilitated school buildings through the CSR and SDMP funds, making education one of the best social investments done by the company.

With the closure of schools due the pandemic, and with the rising need for volunteers on the reading program and other educational interventions, many of the scholars serve their communities as volunteer para-teachers making learning fruitful, especially among the slow-learners.